Asking for a positive review on Google Reviews

How to write a Google Review in less than a minute and thirty seconds

We all see the reviews in Google Places every time we perform a local search.  If you own a local business you are well aware of the impact that Google Reviews can have on your bottom line (if you aren’t aware, then WAKE UP!).

The problem with asking customers to leave you good reviews is that it seems like a lot of work.  This video makes it very easy for anyone with a Google account to post a review for you in less than a couple of minutes.  So ask them at the time of sale if they will post a review for you, then follow up with an email that includes this video.  I would suggest an email that sounds something like… “Thank you once again for your business, I know that we discussed the possibility of you posting a review for us on Google.  Since your time is valuable to me I wanted to send you a link to a video that shows you how to add a review in just a couple of minutes….”  then some other information about the product or service that they purchase.

If you have a website where you can add YouTube videos with an embed code add this video to your site and then email the link to your customer.  If not you can add this link in your email:

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